Monday, June 13, 2011

How to Manifest

OK so you read the book the Secret or you heard about people talking about creating your own reality or something along these lines and you still feel that you can not manifest or that manifesting is just a joke. Well here is some help in manifesting the life you want.
Imagine you are out with some great friends at incredibly comfortable and fabulous restaurant that serves absolutely everything. Not only do they serve food, but they serve anything you can imagine and want. They have food, people, relationships, jobs, houses, money, opportunities, travel and so on.. The waitress who is waiting on you is so happy and to be there for you and bring you anything you request. She is kind and open and it is her wish to bring you anything you desire and she has the power to do so. If you want a yellow tractor with bells on handles, she can bring you that. If you want a trip to the Bahamas, she can do that. If you want a job filled with joy, she can bring you that. If you want money, she can bring you that. Nothing is too big or difficult for her.
So order up and sit back and enjoy yourself while your waiting. And know that all this is coming if it is what you desire. Its just like ordering food in a regular restaurant. You order and just know its coming and enjoy the thought of having it. But just as in a restaurant be very specific in your ordering. If you want a hamburger medium rare with only mayo and no bun you need to order it that way otherwise it might come with everything on it and cooked well done and then you would be upset with what you had. So be aware that she will only bring you what you ask for and she can hear every thought you have when you are ordering. If you are a woman and you ask her to bring you a relationship but you think men are all jerks. She will bring you a relationship with a man who is a jerk because that is really what you asked for. She doesn't know the words no or don't. If you want loads of money but you think rich people are jerks this is what she will really be hearing as you order. Order: People with money are jerks so keep me poor because, because poor people are nice
The key is to be specific when you order and then let her go and get it and know it is happening.
Just like in a real restaurant you wouldn't order your food and then keep saying 'I'm never going to get that'. People would say you were crazy if you did that.
Doing this you will notice your manifestations happen very quickly. If things are coming to you that are unwanted stop to think about what you have been telling the waitress you want. Remember she is always listening to your very request. So write down your order and let it come back to you in the knowingness that it is on its way. If it's taking a really long time be aware of any blocks you might have from receiving what it is you asked for. The strongest desire will always be brought to you.

So here are some examples of how to clearly order:

JOBS: I want a job working with people who are kind and fun, who respect one another, in a city that I love, with hours that suit me and making a great salary that is over and above what I need to pay the bills and something that I will always love and am excited about doing.

Relationship: I want a relationship with someone I have so much fun with that is kind and supportive and funny and loving and loves to travel and loves kids and music and art and food.

These are just examples. The more specific you can be the better. But just know that this person or situation is on its way and just have fun and be patient while you are waiting, knowing that the waitress will bring you these things or situations.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on.

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