Friday, February 24, 2012

What is Love

I am amazed by life and humbled by it sometimes. Tonight was such a night. I was honored to witnessing love. When we are touched by the pureness of what love really is, it is something then will bring you to your knees and remind you that this life is truly beautiful rather then the punishment we believe it to be. I have a talent or maybe just an opening that makes be able to speak to those that have passed on. I used to think it was quite strange or rather, it made me uncomfortable since I really didn't understand it and in a way I was ashamed because I allowed people who don't believe to make me feel I was wrong. I have now come to understand the beauty and the healing that comes from being able to communicate with people who are no longer in this physical body. The work that I do is healing. I help people to see what is hard for them to see and help them shift that energy and so heal from whatever physical or emotional dis-ease. I use to feel weird about this as well, since it is not the conventional route but I have since remembered that life is not about taking the conventional route and that life only changes when we begin to look outside the box.

Tonight, while working with a client with cancer, I had one of those truly beautiful moments that really reminds me of the beauty that is life. As I went into the cause of the lump on his neck, I could hear his anger at his mother and I heard the words "I'll show you" and then as I looked a bit deeper I could see him lay flowers on his mothers grave. Now what I thought and in that instant it came to me to just allow her to speak to him. So I began to tell him what she was saying. She spoke about her love for him and that she was just doing what she thought, at the time, was the right thing to do when you loved your children. "She didn't know there was another way." She said. She spoke about how her son always wanted to go with her and during her life she couldn't understand why he did. Her unhappiness in this life made her unable to understand that she was so loved by her son. She said "I know you want to come with me now. But you can't follow me." Tears filled my eyes as she said this. I could feel my own sense of wanting to go everywhere with mother and how she always pushed me away. She said she got such pleasure from watching him as a kid making sand castles in the sand and that she wanted to have more pleasure watching him have fun in this life. It was not his time, she said. She said a few more things and then suddenly I heard no more. What more really could she have said. My client was silent and so was I. She had also helped me to truly understand that my mother did truly love me and was only doing what she thought she was supposed to. For years I had asked the question, but why? And tonight I felt I understood that there was no why, but rather it was just what she understood to be true at that moment. In that moment I felt I had been freed of the pain. I could now love my mother and move beyond what had happened, and I now knew that my own children do truly love me no matter what. It is in those moments that we understand unconditional love. We let go of the conditions and remember that this life is love. In these we understand what it means to let go and heal.


  1. THe whole thing is wonderful! So glad you could help and be helped. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Oscar,
    John from the Dublin taxi blog here. There is a new tennant in your old shop from last week