Sunday, October 31, 2010


Finding our way in this world can sometimes be tricky. For most of us we seem to wander around looking for our way stumbling through the dark. And at some point we get tired and maybe we decide to give up and just sit this life out but that's when it happens. That's when we see the light, or hear the voice or get the feeling and we start to remember. We start to remember why we came here. Why we came to this life. Most of us in the western world have this idea that we were just dropped into this world because two people had sex and well there we were naked with no choices and no way out.  But here on the other side of the world, in the East, they know that we come time and time again and that we wanted to come to this beautiful life to experience this physical world. They know that this world is an illusion filled with anything we desire because we create our own experience. Life does not happen to us, we are the life we have. We have the power to create anything, to turn darkness into light. How do we find this light? we look into our darkness and see that it is not darkness but rather it is the lack of light. And when we shine the light into our hearts we see the beauty that we are and that beauty radiates onto all beings. We remember that we came here to help one another and to inspire one another and to forgive one another. For if you are my friend in this life, perhaps you were my mother in another and have I shown you the same respect that I would my mother? For aren't you the same person?  And that stranger that pushed in front of me that I  have such contempt for maybe that was my child in another life. If I had know would I be so angry? For how could you have such anger for your child? We are all connected and we are all one. All we need to do is stop and feel the love for that is the only truth. Forget for a minute who you think you are and look into your heart and remember who you really are and there you have found your way.

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